I was born in Polignano a Mare, Italy, homeland of Domenico Modugno and Pino Pascali.

There I learnt freedom, I discovered the horizon and I ran my imagination and life free to discover the lands behind the vast blue sea and the lives of the people of my town.

I started playing the piano, diving with my dad, I met for the first time a microphone and a video camera, the brass bands, the TV with its horror movies and the movie theatre with Star Wars.

Yet, I grew up in Belluno, just like Pier Paolo Pasolini and Dino Buzzati.

There I started playing guitar and writing songs, writing poems and short stories and enjoying climbing mountains.

I consider myself to be a cosmopolitan person and I retain in my heart and life all the places that became my home in these years:

Berkeley, NY, Bologna, Milan, Copenhagen, Delsbo and Belfast as for now.