I started studying film-making in the year 2000, in Bologna and Rimini. There I studied screenwriting with Giovanni Robbiano and I took part as screenwriter at the Project Omega, a project meant to celebrate Bologna 2000 City of Culture. A year later I left the University of Bologna and attended UC Berkeley with an Overseas Scholarship.

There I continued my studies and started exploring documentary film-making within ethnic studies, working on my first documentary: CAMPUS RESURGENCE, that dealt with the story of Muslim students on campus after 9/11. 2001 Has been definitely one of the most incredible years in my life.

Back in Italy, in Milan, I collaborated with Forma International as screenwriter, working on DANCING ARABS, a fiction movie describing the condition of Palestinian-Israeli citizens as written by Sayed Keshua in his homonymous book. The experience of working with Sayed in Israel and Palestine is one of my best memories. I am honored of such collaboration as I was amazed by such an incredible trip that really made my birthday celebration absolutely unique. It was 2006 and in October of that same year, I decided to start working on independent projects. I created CREACTIVESISTERS FILMHOUSE and together my my sister Maja and other incredible and talented young collaborators. With them we started experimenting with film language and film production creating no budget movies based on solidarity and imagination. Creativity had to be the engine of our work as much as art for art’s sake was our motivation.

That’s our story in moving images. Enjoy the vision and please feel free to leave your opinion if you would like to.

FERY SUPERSTITIOUS  is a short experimental movie. The title was inspired by the Dutch pronunciation of the word very. The movie explores the concept of love as a kind of superstition .


Charlie is a music video originally intended for the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song Charlie. The film is created with archive material and tells the story of an alien coming down to Milan to save the world. Normalized the rules of the society, he is saved by a female alien who comes to take him back home.



Biancaeven is an experimental short movie based on the real story of the Grimm’s. The script was entirely sang by an Hard Rock English band that made the music for the movie and it is exploring the story-tale as the meeting between the good childish innocent personal side of Snowwhite and the fight with her evil side of unbalanced tendencies that occur in the coming to age story, where the person needs to find balance between the childish side and the mature one.



Me and Maja worked on a short film to present the situation of the Italian young women and women in the working environment in Italy, presenting the problems of unemployment, underpayment and harassment towards maternity that Italian women were and still are subjected to.



I continued my experiments in film and improvisation, following my idea of INTUITIVE FILM-MAKING.



In 2006 me and Maja went to Christiania, the hippie town in the middle of Copenhagen, to explore our topic “Another world is possible” and learn from the founders and members of the community the history, principles and rules of their community. The project lasted two years and was shown for the first time in the movie theater of the community. A beautiful theater with sand on the floor. The documentary has been used by students to write their thesis and captivated the interest of the Italian broadcasters that asked us to show them the Free Town and present it to Italy.



Another amazing birthday expected me in 2007, with the collaboration with H24 TV Agency. With them I had the pleasure to work at a documentary focused on Libera and Don Ciotti: LA MEMORIA HA UN COSTO  (i.e. Memory has a cost). This experience has been one of the most formative experience I have ever lived, both personally and professionally. I am glad to have to known through this project both, Italy and the world. Collaborating with H24 in fact meant to support also incredible crews and reporters from Al Jazeera English, CBS, France 24, LA7, MTV.



In 2009 me and my sister decided to move to Copenhagen, Denmark, to develop CREACTIVESISTERS FILMHOUSE and our projects as a solidarity based no profit organization based in Christiania. Before starting our new life in Denmark, we went to India to create a new project about biodiversity and water pollution and exploitation with Vandana Shiva.



From 2010 to 2013 I started working on some experimental videos, my passion, exploring formats and other features of film language.



The story of capitalism and exploitation in surreal experimental style.



The story of a being compelled to live in the freezer of an old man.



In 2014 I had the pleasure to participate to the project The Model, by Palle Nilsen at Arken Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.


In 2014, I moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I started working on a project with children attending an Irish speaking school. The aim of the project was to use film-making as a tool for conflict transformation and resolution, enabling the children to develop solidarity, resilience and self control in order to become more conscious and respectful of themselves and others. In the meantime I also had a chance to star as an extra on the main battle of Games of Thrones season 5, as a Wildling. An amazing opportunity for me and a chance to meet many friends and start new collaborations.