The McGurk effect

I see your lips moving so close to mine. Wonder.

I hear them saying things yet I see others. Magic.

The more I stand so close the more I dream on.

I hear you reciting lines that sparkle fire, see you

moving as melting ice around me. I feel so good.

I see your lips moving and my soul takes wings.

Is it a place for forbidden wishes  you invite me in?

My eyes hear things that my ears puzzled and I am

going with you through unknown lands and seas

and all I want is your touch, while your mellow voice

is  still trying to convince me to stay and sit down here.

I see you got the same effect McGurk. I am surely yours.

I hear you in the dark and see what you mean.

I see you in the light and hear what you need.

And the effect you had on me is clear. McGurk.


2/6/2016 Belfast




Vivere. Morire. Essere.

Essere vivo. Essere morto.

Eppure, comunque, essere.


7/6/2016 Belfast


Something in the air


There is a sweet scent of oranges and honey.

The window curtains are trying to escape.

The sun shines from within my heart.

Only a memory will be able to replicate this.

Only that will be bringing tears to my eyes.

Tears of joy, coming with the wind to

remind me of this very moment. Again.