I started playing music in my childhood. I started falling in love with piano when I was seven years old and I still remember escaping with joy to my teacher’s house.

Moving to the North, I was compelled to leave the piano behind and embrace another instrument, the guitar, which would soon become my best friend through the years.

It was in NY City tough, after moving from San Francisco, that I started thinking of a lighter instrument to bring along with me in my travels.

I realized that that should have been my voice and I started singing, everywhere. As anybody else I started from the shower. The woman leaving in the flat upon mine thought I had a boyfriend living with me, cause she could clearly hear two voices singing. I clarified that I was living there by myself and that I was only trying to learn how to sing. The rest has and still is singing on the streets, while I walk or I ride my bike, in class, houses, hospitals and of course in clubs and pubs and everywhere I am invited to perform.

I love singing. I absolutely need singing. Don’t you?


I have been composing at home my first published song, that saw the light in the hippie collective in Thylejren, the very first in Europe.Thylejrenslogo

and others while waiting for my ligament to get cured. 40 days in bed without being able to move. I had broken it dancing on the beach.


Before I have been writing in Sweden, Delsbo, while sitting among the apple trees:



And then I started writing in Danish, trying some reggae and I started performing in Copenhagen, Denmark at Opera and at the Christiania Jazz Club and participating in some jam sessions at La Fontaine and Charlie Scott and at the Kultur Huset down town among other places.